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  • Testimonial
    Join a class or a group that will allow you to gain practical experience with giving speeches and presentations. Like with any other skill, you can improve in the area of public speaking through practice and persistence.
  • Rene’ Reyes
    Motivational Speaker Success Coach, Radio Host, Grammy Awarded Songwriter
  • Business D.N.A.
    There is a way to increase self confidence. Your potential for success can be improved.
  • Brand Building
    Expert instruction is given by Rene on her effective and resilient techniques. Her methods include but are certainly not limited to...


  • Coaching
  • Speaker Training
  • Self Esteem Builders
  • Success Retreats
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Brand Building
  • Effective Social Networking
  • Mini Mastermind Groups
  • Powerful Productivity


welcomeEveryone’s had  a special life experiences that defines the greatest parts of who we are. And,some of us know we have an obligation to a stronger, brighter future and should share these experiences with others! However, its not just enough to wake up one day and just take a local or national stage without some guidance, mentoring and training  by a seasoned Success Coach to support you!  Speak Into Existence can offer you everything you need to take your gift to the international stage and start the foundation for change around the globe by educating you on the proper skills and developmental elements you will need to become a great worldwide Keynote Speaker!